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About Taqueria Revolucion

At Taqueria Revolución, every taco and tortilla is made to order using all fresh and never frozen ingredients. We don’t tangle you with the extra verbiage and offer you a simple menu that won’t lose you in translation. We pride ourselves in being the authentic equivalent of what a true street taco is; because, let’s face it, even though San Diego has a boasted appetite for tacos, none mirror the authentic simplicity of the street taco. You will find other’s flair is either too gourmet, bland or sloppy. This is how founder, Emilio Támez’s, inspiration to bring the street taco taste and exquisite experience to San Diego was born.

Why the name?

The name takes after Tijuana’s infamous Boulevard Revolución, also known as “La Revo”, worldly renowned as a nightlife destination and where a night of fun and dancing typically ends at a taco stand, dozens of which are found at every street corner. Taqueria Revolución offers the casually unique experience on the U.S. side of the border, while staying true to its roots.

About the Owners

Emilio Támez is a San Diego native, born and raised in the South Bay with a keen eye for anything on a dish. He has a serious passion for the kitchen and enjoys cooking up traditional meals just as much as experimenting with new concepts. He loves the ocean, so when he’s not at the taqueria, he can be found somewhere ashore with his wife and family. Jeremy Sosnoff was born in New Jersey but grew up in Florida. He moved to San Diego two years ago and sunk his teeth into his first Revolución taco. It was love at first bite! The rest is history. As a new San Diego resident, he loves to make the most of America’s Finest City by playing golf, tennis, crossfit and eating. Emilio Támez and Jeremy Sosnoff joined forces by their mutual love for cooking and the desire to offer San Diegans the true flavors of authentic Mexican street tacos. Their partnership has made it their mission that San Diego isn’t cheated of a delicious experience happening just on the other side of the border. They are devoted to the art of taco making. In fact, the taco experience doesn’t end there, this duo is known to fly around the globe to try tacos in different cities, always looking for ways to offer the best and most authentic street taco to you.